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The anjin secure car advantage

"Despite some the initial anxiety and nervousness on my team, Anjin Secure Car allowed us to complete our project in Juárez, Mexico safely and without incident.  We will not use anyone else in Mexico." 

-Stella, Technology Implementation Manager


We offer three packages for secure ground transportation: 

  • Anjin Basic: one-way trips, typically airport transfers
  • Anjin Standard: half-day dedicated vehicle for multiple trips
  • Anjin Complete: Full-day dedicated vehicle for multiple trips

Anjin Secure Car’s promise to you is the service we provide has been carefully considered to mitigate the risks unique to a particular city.  What does this mean?  In some cities, the risks on the road dictate that armored vehicles are necessary to move safely while in other cities a non-armored sedan with a trained security driver is adequate.  We look at every city individually and occassionally, though rarely, we may change what is available.  Not only may this impact the vehicle configuration but also whether we offer luxury vehicles in a particular city.


We recognize that there may be certain situations where a traveler may require or feel more comfortable with additional measures added to the trip.  For this reason, in certain markets, Anjin Secure Car makes the following add-ons avaiable:

1. Armored vehicles - sedans and SUVs available 

2. High-capacity vehicles - in some markets we can support meetings and events with large SUVs or Sprinter-Van type vehicles

3. Security agent - executive and close protection professionals who can assist protective services outside of the vehicle 



Anjin Secure Car offers executive protection in when clients require a more custom solution or in destinations where the threat is too dynamic for standardized services.  We recognize that clients and travelers may have more complicated needs that cannot be met with the offerings available through our booking tool. Beyond threat driven factors, such requirements may include complicated logistics, crew changes and rotational work for oil and gas, or high-profile individuals.

All executive protection tasks benefit from Anjin Secure Car's unique expertise and are specifically scoped to accommodate the client requirements and the local threat.