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Travel agents are critical to the success of leisure and business travel.  With the knowledge and experience an agent brings to the table, an agent is only as good as their tools.  This is where Anjin Secure Car comes in.  We take away traveler concerns for the most vulnerable portion of any trip.  Help us help you rid the traveler from unnecessary anxiety.

Travel agents who work with Anjin Secure Car benefit from the following:

1. A satisfied customer.  You have planned the perfect trip so don’t let safety and security concerns ruin the traveler experience.

2. Attractive referral fees.  We can offer attractive referral programs for all of our services including our custom services.

3. Easy to use booking and trip management tools.  You can easily book on behalf of clients and track your referral fees without learning a totally new system.

4. Expertise to address client concerns.  Did the U.S. State Department just issue a new travel warning?  No problem. We can give you the expertise to address the critical question, “Is it safe?”

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