we are looking for the best

Are you dedicated to customer safety?

Anjin Secure Car does take inquiries from international security companies that can demonstrate that they are the most trusted and capable provider in their market. We undertake an extremely thorough due diligence process that takes about three months to complete.

Providers that make it through the process benefit from our trip management technology and robust sales channel. We look at providers as partners and go into our due diligence and selection with the idea of a long-term relationship and mutual learning and growth.


At a minimum we require providers to demonstrate:

  • -An employee vetting program that evaluates character, associations, and financial history in a manner appropriate for your jurisdiction (i.e. public records checks alone are not adequate).
  • -A progressive training and testing program that ensures that drivers and agents are undertaking tasks commensurate with their skill and level of trust.
  • -An active intelligence collection program and demonstrated process for adjusting current and future operations to meet threats.
  • -Command and control that actively tracks ongoing tasks, provides two-way communication with drivers/agents, and can provide emergency support to deployed drivers/agent.
  • -A health and safety program that identifies hazards, tracks incidents, holds regularly scheduled inspections, and regularly safety briefings.


Suppliers who meet these requirements and successfully pass our vetting program must maintain customer ratings and performance metrics to continue to work on the Anjin Secure Car platform.  

If you meet these minimum requirements and want to join the Anjin Secure Car, please email with a list of cities you have current capacity to support with local employees (no fly-ins or subcontractors) along with three references from Fortune 500 corporations or equivalent.

We look forward to talking with you!