frequently asked questions

1. What is secure transportation?

Secure transportation is a service where careful planning and selection of have gone into providing the safest and most worry-free journey. The vehicle, route selected, and employee training are all geared to combat any local threats. Anjin Secure Car uses the most up to date intelligence to ensure the safest possible journey for our customers.

2. Why use secure transportation?

The number one cause of death for Americans traveling abroad is road traffic accidents and the majority of kidnaps of foreigners occur during vehicle movements. Having a highly trained defensive driver, a security expert, and a team tracking all movements means that our clients can focus on the purpose of the trip and worry about making life or death decisions.

3. Are you a bodyguard or executive protection service?

The term bodyguard generally refers to using the physical presence (think big people) to deter people from interfering or harming someone else. Executive protection is a much more professional approach that uses reconnaissance, threat identification, and careful planning to keep clients safe. Anjin Secure Car’s services are delivered with the same approach as executive protection, but our services are focused on the journey and we do not escort clients our clients while on foot once we have determined the client is safe. 

For clients who do require a more custom solution than we offer through our booking tool, Anjin Secure Car does provide executive protection.  If you need to book executive protection or learn more about how we deliver these services, please email us at or go to our Contact Us page. 

4. Why can’t I select different vehicles?

Anjin Secure Car wants clients to have the most comfortable ride possible, but we select vehicles based on what is the most secure given the specific threats in the city the client is traveling. We do not expect our clients to be experts in determining which vehicle will draw the attention of criminals – a determination that is not always intuitive. In some locations a low profile is critical and so a luxury vehicle would be an invitation for trouble. In other cities, the best thing you can do is make it clear that you are foreigner and not a member of rival gang or law enforcement.

5. Why can’t I get a luxury vehicle?

In some locations we do offer luxury vehicles but the primary factor we use when selecting vehicles is safety and security. In some cities, luxury vehicles draw attention and make the passengers attractive targets for criminals. Even worse, in some locations picking the wrong vehicle could cause people to believe the passengers are involved in illicit or illegal behavior.

6. Why not just book with a limousine or shuttle service?

While there are reputable car services in many of the markets we operate, the prevalence of road traffic accidents and crime require the expertise of trained security professionals to mitigate most risks and allow travelers to focus on their trip. 

8. Why not use a ride-sharing company?

The ride-sharing model relies on having tens of thousands of drivers to keep prices down and drivers available.  The problem is that this model is directly opposed to risk management principles.  As numerous headlines in the United States have shown, it is truly a herculean effort to hire this many people without direct supervision and have any confidence in the integrity or skills of the driver. 

7. Are Anjin Secure Car agents or drivers armed?

No. Anjin Secure Car keeps clients safe through training, careful planning, and intelligence. In the cities that Anjin Secure Car operates, being armed often puts the client at more risk.  If a client trip or location does require armed protection, Anjin Secure Car will scope the task on a custom basis and not utilize the booking tool.