Anjin Secure Car Welcomes Justin Clark

                                            Anjin Secure Car Welcomes Justin Clark as Chief of Business Development

Houston, TX: Today, Anjin Secure Car, a provider of secure transportation for international business travelers, announced that Justin Clark has joined Anjin Secure Car as a co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer. Justin has joined to advise on operations, strategic alliances and business development to help carry the momentum from the explosive growth Anjin Secure Car has experienced in Mexico into Latin America and Africa.  Justin Clark is a recognized industry leader in technology and security sales and operations.

On the addition of Justin to Anjin Secure Car, CEO Michael Woodrum said, “I am very excited that Justin has agreed to join the Anjin Secure Car team.  Justin will be instrumental in helping us build on our success in Mexico and to provide assistance in Anjin’s growth into Latin America, Africa and Asia. Justin and I have worked closely together on multiple projects over the years that represented critical investments for multinational corporations in extremely sensitive locations around the world. Justin has a long history of advising companies, and government agencies on how to do business safely overseas and he has years of experience in selling technology and devices in multiple countries.  We have a goal to protect every single traveler and Justin is absolutely committed to achieving that goal.”

Justin commented, “Globalization is increasing requirements for growth into countries previously considered frontier markets and this driving travelers to locations that require a dedicated approach to employee duty of care.  Senior Executives have long used security companies for ground transportation, despite the fact that executives are at no greater risk of a safety or security incident when travelling.  Duty of care shouldn’t be determined based on seniority level of the traveler, but until Anjin Secure Car was founded, it was simply cost prohibitive to protect everyone.” 

Justin also discussed the rational for him wanting to come on board to this exciting new venture, “I have long seen the unanswered need in the travel safety industry with regards to secure transportation and executive protection.  The services have always been too expensive and laborious to arrange and book for the average business traveler.  This puts most travelers and the companies they work for at unnecessary risk and Anjin Secure Car is addressing that need, while simultaneously driving the cost to access these services down remarkably.  This is exactly the kind of disruption the security and safety industry has needed for far too long.”

Prior to Anjin Secure Car, he was a Director of Sales and Client Services at Control Risks, a multi-national security and risk consultancy which provided political and security risk consulting and services to firms operating in international markets.  Justin served in the 75th Ranger Regiment and deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq five times.  He also holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and a Masters in International Relations and Economics from Johns Hopkins University School for Advanced International Studies. 

About Anjin Secure Car:  Anjin Secure Car gives travelers to Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East the ability to book secure ground transportation on the same websites and apps they use to purchase flights and hotels.  Instead of booking a car service or ride-sharing service with an unvetted driver, Anjin Secure Car puts travelers in vehicles driven by security experts.  Founded by former U.S. military veterans and transportation technology experts, Anjin Secure Car is enabling all travelers to have the same level of international security afforded to CEOs at prices comparable to car services.