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Your safety is our goal

About us

Anjin Secure Car was founded by former U.S. military officers and special operations veterans with extensive international security expertise.  Our goal is to make safe and secure transportation accessible to all travelers and not just executives.

Our automated booking and trip management process provides travelers with the most convenient and cost effective way to stay safe during the most dangerous portion of the journey. 

why anjin secure car?

Ground transit is where the majority of incidents occur during international travel.  This is where travelers are most vulnerable.  Violent crimes and kidnappings targeting travelers almost always occur when the victim is in a vehicle.  In fact, the number one killer of Americans abroad is road traffic accidents.  

Through Anjin, travelers can book ground transportation with someone they can trust.  Not only does Anjin Secure Car put a traveler into a vehicle with most skilled and trustworthy drivers possible, but also each trip is supported with travel management software for real time updates, trip monitoring, driver communications and dispatch assistance.  The result: travelers can focus on their business, their lives, and their leisure and not their own safety.

how anjin secure car works

We screen and vet the best local security companies from across the globe to provide customers with safe and reliable ground transportation.  Our customers receive secure transit from the very same providers that support Fortune 500 business executives and wealthy individuals.  

You no longer need to worry about making ground transportation decisions.  All of our services are carefully evaluated to ensure every service is crafted to meet the local threats.  


"The dedication of the anjin secure car team is second to none. it is obvious that the platform they have built is based on deep expertise."

-Emmet Walsh, Salient Financial



The combined experience of the leadership team ensures that travelers are provided with a level of safety, security, and Duty of Care that is unmatched by the travel or security industry.


Michael Woodrum - CEO

Michael is a former partner and head of office for the multi-national risk consulting company Control Risks.  During his time in this role, he assisted numerous multi-national corporations protect their people across Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.  Prior to running the Houston office, Michael ran a business development team covering the western United States, Mexico, and Canada. 

Michael is the former Chair of the Roundtable Young Professionals at the renowned Baker Institute for Public Policy.  

Early in his career, Michael was a Marine officer and spent three tours in Iraq.  He holds an MBA from the University of Texas, Austin and MA in Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Pedro Larios – Chief Technical Officer

Pedro is a technology expert with over 22 years experience designing and writing software. Prior to joining Anjin Secure Car he was the lead android developer for the urban mobility application, RideScout.  When RideScout was acquired by Daimler he took over as the lead mobile developer for Moovel, a mobility services company. 

He holds a computer science degree from the University of Texas, Austin. He was born and raised in Mexico City.  


John Rose

John has over 25+ years of international business knowledge. He is a distinguished motivational speaker and subject matter expert who has appeared as a guest on FOX News, Bloomberg, CNN and various distinguished industry boards.  As a new addition to the organization, his in-depth experience in mergers & acquisitions, international expansion, strategic planning and transformational change is a tremendous asset within the company’s leadership team.

Professional Highlights:

  • -Six years as COO of WorldAware (formerly known as iJET International)
  • -15 yrs. as President, Travel Guard Assist (AIG)
  • -Department of Defense, Program Director - Naples, Italy
  • -Subject Matter Presenter and quoted by 15+ major media sources and associations

 In each role, John has consistently enhanced the upward mobility and technical development of each company. His keen sense of market requirements, innovative technology and overall business/consumer relations has resulted in consistent successful outcomes. As a commitment to his country, John served six years in the United States Marine Corps after majoring in Aerospace Engineering and playing college football at the University of Kansas.  Additionally, throughout his professional career, John has remained an active member of MENSA. Due to his occupational and military experience, contract negotiations within more than 136 countries/territories and living abroad on three continents, John is a greatly respected executive within his field and the travel industry.